A bright and sunny day on a grass field with large inflatables, gazebos and a large crowd

This Sunday, the streets of Southbank will ring out in Celebration as its residents parade down the street, led by a Jazz Band and begin their second annual carnival!

A much loved carnival used to take place in Southbank each year but was sadly lost along the way. Last year, Eden team leaders Krista and Nicki Coulson worked with a team of people to bring it back! They explained to us their heart for the carnival…

“Our vision for the Carnival is to re-establish community and to celebrate all that South Bank has to offer. On Sunday, we will bring together different services and organisations, to offer a fun and free event that everybody can enjoy. As Christians, Jesus is the centre of our life and so this event will of course have Jesus at the heart of it, as we bring our community together”.

Once again this year, the team raised money through sponsored events in order to be able to offer this brilliant event totally free of charge. There will be inflatables, donkey rides, crafts and face paints as well as live music which will be provided by various artists, including TVC Church’s own Peter Glasby.

But it is not just entertainment on offer, the team also have testimonies lined up and will publicly share the gospel with their community, as they know that it is Jesus who has the power to transform this community.

So what can we do?

  • Well first – let’s get praying! Pray for all the practicalities of the day but also pray that God would open people’s ears to hear the Gospel and respond to him.
  • Second, there is an open invitation to come and join in the fun! Sunday 13th August from 12pm(or after Church). At the Open field on Steele Crescent, TS6 6QH.

If you have a heart for your local community, why not start thinking outside the box about how you could reach out to them?

11 Aug 2023

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