Vision & Values

At TVC Church, every teenager valued for who they are and who they are growing to be. We have a heart to be real, to build relationships and to journey together…while having a lot of fun on the way!

What’s On?


At TVC Church, we are a multi-generational Church, which means that we love to be together as Church family.  But you know, sometimes teens hang with the family and sometimes they want to be teens together – so we want to we want to strike a balance between things that are just for you and joining together with the wider church.

Each month we plan two dedicated youth services and two Sundays when we stay together as part of the wider church family.

Our Youth Services happen on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.  We all begin the service together in the auditorium for the first worship section and then our young people head up to the Acorn Suite (upstairs) for their youth service.  If you need directions – please ask a steward who will be more than happy to help.


‘Relentless’ our monthly youth gathering which focusses on worship, connection and equipping our teenagers to live a life fully connected to God.  It happens on the first Friday of each month in the function room and is generally loud!  The focus is first and foremost on worship and empowering our youth to have a connection with God.  There is also a short talk and of course space to connect with one another.

Anybody in year’s 7-13 are very welcome!  See below for our next ‘Relentless’ date and time.

TVC Church Youth – Fridays

When it isn’t a ‘Relentless’ week, we get together to celebrate that it is the end of the school week!  Whether it be a trip out or evening together at The Oakwood Centre, if you are in year 7 to 13, you are welcome to join us for fun, faith and friendship.

Contact the team

To find out more info contact Dave: david.marley@tvcchurch.org.uk

Youth Stories

21st Feb 2021

Dave’s story

Soon after becoming a Christian, Dave got involved in the youth ministry at TVC Church.  This is his story of how being part of a team, serving God and having a faith friend moved him forward in faith. “I was trying to do things in my own…