a group of people standing infront of 'open well' banner

15 weeks ago, TVC Church family members Nicky and Krista Coulson and their small team, set out to extend God’s Kingdom in South Bank, Middlesbrough.  With hearts full for those who are lost and hurting in their local area, they booked a meeting space and opened up their doors to facilitate a worshipping community where anybody could come and meet with Jesus.

The Open Well meets on a Tuesday evening.  They begin by sharing a meal together before entering a time of worship and prayer, then somebody will share a testimony of the difference that Jesus has made in their life.  

In the first 15 weeks, they have seen over 30 people make a commitment to Jesus.  By walking alongside people and taking the Holy spirit with them, they are really seeing the transformative power of Jesus at work. Here are just a few stories…

We got to know one lady who had been having suicidal thoughts.  She had recently lost her dad and her son was in prison.  Life was tough and she was struggling with drug addiction.  But at the Open Well she experienced love and acceptance, in fact, she said she had never felt love like it before.  She has been journeying with us in her faith and is now half way through an Alpha course and attends Church regularly.  We have also been writing to her son in prison and sending him encouragement, explaining how well his Mum is doing and that there is support for him too. She believes she will be able to be a much better mam to him when he gets out and has said that she has been given hope through Jesus.

We have another person coming, who had barely left the house for the past few years because of trauma and anxiety.  Though he managed to attend, his anxiety levels were so bad that he couldn’t manage to stay for the full evening and would often leave within the first 10 minutes – but he kept coming and allowed us to pray for him. A few weeks on and his life is completely different.  Not only is he able to come to The Open Well, but he comes to Church too!  He is able to attend courses with the aim of finding employment and actually has a job lined up! He told us that this hope he has found in Jesus has saved his life and is now totally full of joy…seriously his smile lights up the whole room!

The Open Well team are doing a fundraising walk this week to raise money to bring back ‘The South Bank Carnival’ which was a big part of the community for many years.  This is another expression of their love for their community and another opportunity to reach out and make connections, with the ultimate aim of making Jesus known!

If you would like to sponsor The Open Well team, email your pledge to Dave Marley, who will put your name on the sponsorship form or will help you to connect in any cash donation.

Let’s join together in praying for the team as they step out to bring the gospel to those that they meet at The Open Well.  Let’s continue to pray for all those who have begun their walk with Jesus, that the Holy Spirit would sustain them as they continue to walk in their new life in Christ.

Reaching out to the Community in South Bank, Middlesbrough.

24 Jun 2022