We may have spent the last 18 months in and out of lockdown, but at TVC Church we have not been standing still!

We have been growing and changing as we seek God and follow him in all things.

We have also been making a number of practical changes and have used this quieter season to review and to plan and one area that has now had a complete make-over is our website.

I’m sure you are aware that technology is constantly developing and so we had known for a while that our website needed to be updated – not just because new tools are available to us, but because we want our online presence to reflect the heart of who we are as TVC Church and to point people towards the Lord!

In March 2020 we had a new pressing challenge in finding a way to communicate as a church in an unprecedented season. Our wonderful team worked around the clock to create a temporary website that would help us as a Church to stay connected through lockdown, while also providing a way to reach out to those around us while our doors were closed. It wasn’t perfect, but it did what it needed to in that season.

In the meantime, behind the scenes, our communications team has been busy talking, praying, planning, designing and coding, in order to create a website that focusses on stories of God’s goodness and his great power at work in our lives, while also creating a place where we can give and receive info and connect both Church family and those seeking (yes, quite a job I can tell you!).

So here it is!

This website is not the finished product, but rather a constantly changing and developing means of communication and connection.

Save it in your favourites. Check back on it regularly. Use it to book in to events. Share it with those around you who are looking to connect with activities, events, or stories of how God works in our lives.

So lets take a look around…


Anybody new to Sunday services can find out a little of what to expect. Those of us who are Church family can find out about any changes to Sundays and can book in.

Life at TVC Church

This section is designed to give a flavour of who we are at TVC Church. There are sections on our key beliefs and some of our ministries. This is by no means an exhaustive list (our full range of ministries and areas for connection can be found through our upcoming events) but it is designed for those who are new to us, to help them to find out a little about how they can connect in. Have a look around it. If you are new to TVC Church you will probably learn lots – if you have been here a while it will bring you up to speed on how we are moving forward across a range of areas.


This is where we give praise to God for the big and small! At the moment it is jam packed with all the awesome videos that have been created since last January, but we will be constantly adding to this as you continue to send us your stories! We also have a small team of writers who will be writing up stories, so we will have a mixture of video and written content. So if you need a faith boost, pop in here and listen to the stories of God at work in your Church family and if you are telling somebody about how God changes lives – send them here!


Want to know what is going on in your Church? You will find it all here! Forgotten what time something begins. That is here too. Need to sign up? Not a problem – you can do that here! (To those youth parents who were struggling to sign up last week, we are sorry – there was a code problem which has now been resolved so thank you for helping us to get that sorted!)


This area will be constantly updated with announcements, notices, news, talks, devotional notes etc. Find it all here!

I hope that gives you a little insight into this brilliant new resource. You will find it useful for all sorts of things, so save it to your favourites and pop back regularly.

A huge thank you to all the team who have been putting in hours behind the scenes to create our brilliant new Website. Thanks guys!

06 Sep 2021

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