Well for those of us who were at The Oakwood Centre for the Service yesterday – how amazing was it!? For the first time in 18 months, there were over 300 of us in the building, all worshipping God and gathering to hear his word together. We also had a record amount of visitors this week and over 30% of our adult congregation was new to us at TVC Church. Praise God!

For those of us who were hoping to connect from home, I’m afraid it was quite a disappointing morning as our internet was down at The Oakwood Centre which meant that we were not able to stream our Sunday service live across Facebook and Youtube. Thankfully we were able to get in touch with our service provider this morning and have got the internet back online and our wonderful tech team have once again given extra hours this week to get the service uploaded. You can therefore now find the service on Youtube and Facebook.

Next week, we will once again be able to increase our numbers as we reduce space between groups from a huge 4 chairs to a very comfortable 2 chairs. Our auditorium can comfortably seat 900 people and so even with this current update to our covid restrictions, there is plenty of space available at just a third of the capacity. We really hope you will join us. There is nothing like worshipping our amazing God together!

Masks will remain in place at the moment throughout the service and if all goes well, we hope to be offering the opportunity to remove your mask once you are in the Auditorium from Sunday 10th October. For more information on this, see Martin Dunkley’s update from last week.

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20 Sep 2021

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