Wow, how great was it to be back together last Sunday.

I loved talking to some of our newer TVC Church family members, who have joined us in the past 18 months. They were blown away by the power of us singing together as one. For those of us who have been at TVC Church for a long while it was an emotional rollercoaster as we remembered what it is to join together in worship.

However, we do know that it was frustrating for some of you as all the tickets went very early in the week. So, we have taken time this week to look at how we can increase our capacity.

Straight away, we have been able to increase this week’s capacity by 15%, while keeping social distancing as it has been so far.

We are now working to make a few changes to room lay out, so that we can further increase capacity for Sunday 19th September. We will continue to look at ways to increase capacity until we are happy that we can easily accommodate the whole Church family every week, with room for continued growth too.

For the moment, we do ask you to keep booking in to Sunday services and you can do so below!

All the info about our Sunday Services, including measures to keep everyone safe, can be found on our Sundays page.

08 Sep 2021

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