OK so this one is from last week and we are still waiting to catch up with Julie Parker for the full story – but we had a quick and exciting text to say that somebody got saved at The Shack last week!

Julie has been meeting with CAP clients down at the Shack each Tuesday and one of them was meeting to create a budget plan last week and gave his life to the Lord.

We will get the full scoop next week to share with you…but how great is that!

In the past week we have had 4 people sign up to join our kids work team which means that we can now increase our weekly kids work capacity by 25%.

We have also had somebody join our camera team this week. This is a fun but vital role that allows us to continue to reach out to those who have yet to set foot inside The Oakwood Centre.

This is a huge answer to prayer as we have been praying that God would expend our teams.

If you would like to get involved in serving God’s family either through our Sunday team or in another area, then do get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

One of the new volunteers is just 13 years old…so you are not too young (or too old) to qualify, all you need is a heart to serve.

The Oakwood Centre has been increasingly busy this week and it is such a delight to see this amazing resource once again used for the Glory of God, as we meet together and reach out to those around us.

Staff have been able to return to offices and have enjoyed early morning prayer meetings in the prayer room, the Coffee shop has been busy with lunch service each day and its weekly community gatherings. Families have found a safe-haven in our mid week groups; Little Acorns, Mini Movers and Football Fun. Numerous meetings have been held about various outreach projects and opportunities and of course Three13 continues to flourish in offering practical hope and good news to its learners.

We thank God that we are now able to open our doors and welcome back our local community to discover God with us.

This week, our much loved outreach worker Tony Grainge stood for election, as councillor for Ladgate ward in Middlesbrough (which covers Easterside, Tolesby hall and Ladgate Woods) and yes he won!

Congratulations Tony, we know that God has led you to this position and will increasingly use you to bring hope and life to this area of Middlesbrough.

Tony has been living as salt and light in Easterside for many years now and has seen many lives changed through Jesus. Pray for him as God leads him in to this new area of influence.

17 Sep 2021

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