Mosaic flooring in different shades of blue

“In one sense, this simple phrase offers the perfect description both of the atoning work of Christ and of the art form of the Mosaic. From the shattered remnants of common tile or pottery comes a larger image that is somehow more than broken shards. Though the marks of breaking remain (like scars etched into hands and feet and side), the beauty achieved in the … reassembly far outweighs the cost of destruction. Hence, as one turns from art to atonement, the question is straightforward: Cannot the Potter do this even with the most sacred vessel? The answer of the Christian gospel – echoing down the slopes of Golgotha and off the stone walls of the empty tomb – is yes. God has shown this through the body of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Out of brokenness comes wholeness.” Joshua McNall in “The Mosaic of Atonement”

Bible Reading & Meditation

Please read the following passages, praying over them and asking God to speak to you out of them:

Psalm 51 – especially verses 15 – 19

Psalm 147 – especially verses 3 – 6

Isaiah 57:14-19

Prophetic Focus

I believe that God wants to bring comfort to those who are broken among us; to those who have found the past months very difficult and who may even have suffered loss of one kind or another:

I believe he wants you to know that he cares about every one of your bruises and knows every experience you’ve had to endure.  He is, and always has been, closer than a brother.  The Father’s love for us is steadfast and sure, and will provide all that you need, if you rely upon him alone.

I believe that he wants us to spend time today coming into his loving presence and letting him minister to us in the deepest way possible.  Let his love wash over you, bringing healing and inner strength. 

Although you cannot see the full picture of what he is doing in your life, know that he does, and knows what he’s about.  Tell him that you trust him to build the mosaic out of the broken pieces that you offer to him.  Let him make you whole again.

Worshipful prayer time

As you listen to the words of this video, spend time; watch more than once.  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the love of Christ in your heart:

Be inspired and encouraged. 

Pray: Lord teach me how to trust you and how to let you minister your grace to me in each and every situation.

12 Jan 2022

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