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Before moving on to the prophetic theme of today’s Prayer Guide, I thought that we could begin with worship as expressed in the youtube video below. After reading the words that are initially scrolled up you may wish to close your eyes and allow this familiar hymn to speak freshly to you. Don’t hurry to move onto the next section. It might be that God wants to minister something into your spirit right here.


During the summer our Buddleja was beautiful, with its full-bodied blooms emitting a strong fragrance. Normally this plant attracts a lot of butterflies. However, this year it was completely barren. Naturally, time passed and its flowers faded. I cut it back and we went on holiday. On return I noticed that it had blossomed again. The flowers weren’t as big, but there was something even more significant. Now there were plenty of butterflies of various species.

I felt God speak to me. 

Sometimes we can have an idea which is clearly from God. We respond, and work hard at putting everything in place for fruitful ministry in that area but somehow it just doesn’t work. It looks right, appears to be in the right season and in the right place but what we had hoped for doesn’t occur.

I feel that God is saying to those of you with whom these words resonate:

“Have another go!”

Don’t let disappointment or the memory of past failure extinguish faith. We won’t always understand the workings of God. Also, there is a spiritual backdrop in the arena of contested ground that we can’t see.


In each of the following scenarios I am going to ask that you don’t pray a list of needs but an anointing of the Holy Spirit. Cup your hands and imagine that you are holding each individual ministry in them. Picture the people involved and the settings. Now blow on them and let the Holy Spirit do His work.

  • Think of a ministry that fits the criteria of the above prophetic sense (if not for you then maybe for someone that you know). Begin to pray over it as suggested above.
  • What ministries within the life of the church are you involved in? Again, pray as above.
  •  Consider a Christian ministry that is national or international and has undergone a very difficult season. It may be that finance has been badly affected by the recent pandemic or there have been challenges from secularism, or some issues of an internal nature. 
  • Perhaps your main ministry is the workplace. Put it in your hands and pray as above. If this isn’t you, maybe you could pray for a believer who you know within a work setting. As we are all so aware, this current environment remains very challenging.

Can I encourage you to keep an eye on the various situations over the following months and watch what God does.

07 Dec 2021

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