Bible Reading & Meditation

Read Psalm 1 at least twice.  

First time, read it at normal speed, just letting the whole of the Psalm impact you.  

The second time, read it more slowly and look for the way that the author uses repetition to underline his meaning.  For example, in verse 1 [NIV]:

walkin stepwicked
standin the waysinners
sitin the companymockers

– first a passing interest, then a stopping to stand and finally a sitting down to become fully involved.  Each stanza shows how the “non-blessed” one wanders further and further from God, if their delight is not rooted in his teaching and instruction (The NIV translates the two instances of “Torah” in verse 2 as “law”; more correctly “Torah” means “teaching/instruction”)

Now read the following passages and mark how the theme of being rooted in God can be found throughout the Scriptures:

Isaiah 44:3-4;   Jeremiah 17:5-9;   Ezekiel 17:8; 19:10; 47:12;   Luke 6:43-45;   John 15:1-4;   Revelation 22:2, Colossians 2:6-10

Prophetic Focus

Hear what the Spirit says to you:

You need strong, deep faith-roots that are firmly anchored in a relationship with Jesus – a living, loving and vibrant, daily devotion to the Son of God.  Don’t be satisfied with the shallowness of knowing about Jesus; dig deep into him and know him, truly know him – intimately and personally.  Develop your friendship with him.  Dive into the depths of his love for you.  Discover how to abide in him, and allow him to lengthen your faith-roots, deep into the one who said “I am the water of life”.

Spend time with the lover of your soul; the one who is the Word of God – the word of life to you each and every day.  Time spent with him is never a waste of time; it is an investment in your spiritual health and well-being.  

Find time; make time; take time.

Let him invade your space and speak to your heart.  That’s how you grow deep roots; roots that will hold you firm in the times of trial and testing; roots that will provide refreshment and sustain you, no matter what comes your way.

Worshipful prayer time

As you listen to the words of this video, spend time; watch more than once.  Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how you can deepen and strengthen your roots in Christ:

Be inspired and encouraged.  As English speakers, we have become used to having many different Bible translations to choose from.  Think what it must be like for a people group to get the Bible in their own language for the first time:

Treasure the Word of God!

Pray: Lord teach me how to slow down and find time to spend with you, to value your presence above the many distractions of modern life.  Help me to prioritise prayer, develop depth and grow in grace.

23 Nov 2021

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