As you will be aware, there is a huge amount of preparation that goes in to each Sunday service. Some is fairly obvious and some is much more behind the scenes.

At various stages of lockdown restrictions, our Sunday team has also been restricted in various ways, as we have ensued that we are always complying with government guidance and law. One of the restrictions that actually had a really big impact on our Sunday worship together was that for a while our worship band were restricted to only meeting together on a Sunday. Therefore we had to make the decision to move our services back by half an hour, just to ensure that they had enough time to prepare.

Moving the service back by half an hour had very little impact for most of us, but it has made life rather difficult for the youngest members of our church family, who grow rather cranky without regular feeding and naps (yes some of us have never quite grown out of this have we?) And of course, if it impacts our little people, it has a big impact on those of us who are caring for babies and young children too.

Now that the restrictions placed on our worship and tech team have been lifted – we can finally revert back to our preferred start time of 10.30 and we will do so from next week – Sunday 19th September 2021.

To sum it up:

Sunday 12th Sept – Start time 11am

Sunday 19th Sept – Start time 10.30am

Our services will continue to be just 1hour 15mins in length, which means that for those of you who are not in a race against lunch and nap time, you will have a little more time to chat in the car park with your church family, before heading off home to get your roast chicken out of the oven.

Thank you so much for your continued flexibility and understanding as we journey together as a Church family through this season.

10 Sep 2021

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