I thought that we could begin today with the following worship song (Marc James: Surrender). 

I’ve encountered a number of circumstances recently where I felt that I have had nothing to give and an inability to specifically hear God for situations. It has been a particularly busy season with some demands on time that have stretched me more than I really like. However, on each occasion God has met me and as I’ve looked back – dissecting the scenarios. To my surprise these are the anointings that I’ve actually been moving in…healing, prophetic, discernment, wisdom, intercession, influence, creativity, ‘parental’ insight and hopefully one of blessing. All these have been whilst feeling a bit tired, not quite catching up and with less time than I like in prayer. It’s as though my blank page has been met with God’s abundant provision. (Phil ch4 v19). 


For those of you who are in a similar season to the one I’ve just walked through, perhaps you would like to take a piece of blank paper and your diary. Look back over these past few weeks or months at specific commitments, meet-ups and events that have taken place. Now ask the Holy Spirit to highlight how He used you at that time. It may have been so gently that you barely noticed. Look out for spiritual gifts; perhaps a timely word in the workplace or over a cuppa with a friend (1 Corinthians ch 12 v4-7). Be encouraged! 


At this point I am taking the same image but want to bring something else that has been on my heart for months….. 

It doesn’t matter how long we have been a Christian or how old we are, there are times when God wants to do something completely different with us and with church. During the Covid crisis, God shook our structures and many areas of life in which we were comfortable and familiar. It is easy to come out the other side thinking ‘let’s get back to….’ It’s very natural (and in some areas quite right) to re-establish routines and relationships but in God’s kingdom there is no going back. God has moved on and wants us to move with Him (John ch3 v8). Just suppose that He wants to do church very differently to the way we have been used to. As more and more unchurched people become Christians perhaps some of our ‘traditions’ won’t work for them. Our timings and structures, even our language, may be completely alien. Also, as we increasingly look to shape our culture and be an influence on our world we may find ourselves being used in ways that are quite new. 


Would you like to take another piece of blank paper and set it before God?  

Perhaps you could join me in this prayer. 

Father God, I offer You the next chapter of my life. As part of Your church,  I make myself available to move in whatever direction You are flowing. I thank you for all the past chapters, for their excitements and challenges, disappointments and successes. I thank you for all that you have done in me and through me. I now give myself to you as a blank piece of paper for you to write on as You choose; to use the giftings and skills of your choice and to take me into the areas of service that best bring about ‘Your Kingdom come’. Amen. 

I would like us to also retain the image of a blank sheet of paper as we look to intercede into the wider world. 

This week there will be all sorts of issues that our government and  governments in other regions are facing where they may have no idea how to proceed. Let’s pray for godly voices to write wisdom onto those pages. 

Some suggested areas for prayer are: 

  • The gun laws in the USA 
  • The ongoing conflict in Ukraine 
  • The rising cost of living (fuel/food) 

31 May 2022

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