a baby asleep in mothers arms

At TVC Church we just love that when we come together, the whole spectrum of God’s family is represented. God has blessed us as a Church family with so many little people over the past few years and now that restrictions are easing, we can once again look to offer the sort of support that we would like to offer to babies and their carers.

And so we present ‘Twinkle’!

Twinkle is the name for the youngest Illuminate members.  In Twinkle, babies (up to the age of 2 years old) and their carers, can access our Sunday service together, in a space that gives the little ones somewhere to wriggle, feed, make a bit of noise and have a play!  It is really important that parents and children feel welcome and comfortable here at TVC Church and so we are so happy that we can now offer space and a small team to help make joining together at Church just that little bit easier.

Twinkle currently gather in the foyer to the right of the main exit doors and that space is available throughout the service for parents, carers and their babies.

If you would like to be part of the team that supports babies and parents in this way, then click here to find out a bit more and apply to be part of the ‘Twinkle’ team.

01 Oct 2021

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