Community Grocery Manager Andy Malbon at Ragworth Community Grocery, he is smiling

We have so much to be thankful for!

This Sunday, we are setting time aside to acknowledge all that God gives to us and to give thanks together. The service will have many of the usual aspects such as singing and prayer but we also wanted to offer the opportunity to do something practical.

This Sunday, we invite you to bring something to donate to those who are in need out of a heart of thankfulness.

What could I bring?

The most useful items would be:

  • tins of soup,
  • packets of pasta
  • packets of rice,
  • cereal,
  • tins of fruit.

However obviously anything non-perishable will be gratefully received and put to good use so please feel free to bring whatever you can.

Who will the food go to?

The food will go to our Community Grocery in Ragworth which provides affordable food for anybody in Teesside who is in need. It is a wonderful charity that you can read about here.

Where do I put the items that I bring?

When you arrive on Sunday morning, keep the items with you. There will be a point early on in the worship time when we will be invited to bring our offerings as part of our worship and thankfulness. This part of the service will be before the children go out so that they can be part of this act of worship too.

Find out more about this Sunday’s service here.

08 Sep 2023

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