This post will be regularly updated as information changes. Last updated 27th June 2022

The need is so great and our hearts are filled with compassion. There are many support initiatives springing up but it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Here are three things that you can confidently get involved with.

Financial Support

We opened our Ukraine Support Fund at the beginning of March and so many of you have already given generously. We have also received significant gifts from other UK churches, in order to increase the support we are able to offer. We are directing the donations that we receive to those that we know and love in Ukraine. Our friend Viktor, who oversees many churches in Ukraine is receiving regular support from us and distributing it in within the country. You can find an update from Viktor here. We are also looking to financially support churches we connect with in Poland who are working with refugees coming across the border.

We are so grateful for every gift we have received. Financial support will be needed for months and years to come. You can continue to give through our secure Churchsuite donation page –

Hosting Refugees

The UK government has opened a national scheme for those wanting to host refugees from Ukraine. Other organisations are also bringing some coordination to this effort. The government scheme is going to be phased.

Phase 1 starts on Friday 18th March and will allow UK sponsors to host named Ukrainian contacts wanting to come to this country.

Phase 2 will allow UK residents without direct connection to people in Ukraine to welcome and host refugees. There is currently no start date for Phase 2.

On Wednesday 16th March, Krish Kandiah hosted a webinar explaining the phases and how people can engage with the hosting programme. We recommend watching the complete video of the evening if you are interested in getting involved.

The current advice for anyone interested in hosting is:

  1. Make your pledge to be a sponsor here:
  2. Register your interest on the government website here
  3. Direct Ukrainian refugees to RESET’s site

From Friday 18th March, a new matching system is available, deliberately focussed on connecting Christians in connected Salt & Light Ukrainian churches with churches linked to in the UK. For more information about this system please sign up via the following Google Form:


Please continue to pray daily about this conflict. God is able to hear our prayers and bring peace. But how should we pray? Here are a couple of pointers:

  • Psalm 31 has become a shared focus for Ukrainian Christians praying for their nation. This video ( shows the psalm being powerfully read in Ukrainian with English subtitles. You could use this as basis for your own prayers. 
  • Pete Greig (author of The Prayer Course) has posted a short video with helpful tips to keep prayerful into this situation. You can watch it at  – you don’t need a Facebook account to watch.

Giving, hosting, praying – do respond as God leads you. We trust these different resources are useful, as we each seek to do what we can to make a positive difference.