We want to say a huge thank you to everybody, near and far, who has donated through TVC Church to the people of Ukraine. We continue to send regular financial support to our contacts in Ukraine. One of whom, a pastor who is still in Ukraine, living and supporting the community there, sends this note of thanks and update:

“Good Morning brothers and sisters!  I have been at home for five days already, in my city and in my church.  The situation is difficult here, the fighting is only 30km from the city.  I am trying to organise the departure of all those who want to evacuate people from the church.  

Please pray for us!  
Pray for peace.  
Pray for Ukraine!

This is how we have used the money that has been sent:
1. Fuel to ensure the safe departure of families with children
2. Food and water for Christians in Kharkov
3. Money given to another pastor and his team to evacuate people from the battle zone
4. Support for my family

Thank you to everyone who serves our churches and people in this difficult time of trial”.

As you can see – any money donated is going straight to those who are in desperate need. We are also looking for ways to support those that we know in Poland who are receiving Ukrainin Refugees at this time.

You can continue to donate to those in Ukraine by visiting www.tvcchurch.org.uk/ukraine.

29 Mar 2022

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