Bishop Ngwiza Mnkandla leads ‘Faith Ministries’ family of Churches in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana and here in the UK. He is currently pastor the ‘Faith Ministries’ Church plant in London. We are privileged to be welcoming him to speak to us this Sunday morning and for him to spend time with our leaders throughout the weekend.

Bishop Ngwiza will be speaking to us on the intriguing title ‘What’s in the Box?’

Do book your ticket here.

Face coverings will still be required this week for the whole time you are in the building. For further details of what to expect during our Sunday service, visit our ‘plan-your-visit’ page. For information about children’s provision, click here.

As we have a different focus this week, there will be no Bible Reading accompaniments, but we will once again be posting prayer and devotion notes this Wednesday.