tall ship with many sails

TVC Church is like a Tall Ship with lots of masts and sails. The Ship is moving across the still waters inside the Harbour. The Harbour Master is saying “you can now go faster because soon you will be through those harbour walls into a wider wider ocean.

3 Things that are important:

1. You need to check that none of the anchors are dragging on the seabed and slowing down the progress

2. It’s important to raise more sails so that you can catch even more of the power and the breath of the Holy Spirit.

3. It’s important to keep the logbook up to date, You need in the future to be able to look back and say “on this day we called at this port and picked up this amount of passengers, On this day we called at this port and picked up some freight to carry.

God is saying there are some faster movements coming to this ship, some things to set in place, and the wind and the Spirit will come and take the ship forward at a pace that not ever been known before, a pace that’s even faster than the present pace and the Holy Spirit will blast those sails.

It’s so important for the leaders to make sure that when the time comes to hoist the sails, the crew members all know which rope to pull, which not to pull, which windlass to turn.

The wind of the Spirit is going to propel this ship forward in a way that it hasn’t done before

25 Sep 2022

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