God recently spoke to me from Ezekiel 47, where the angel of the Lord shows Ezekiel a vision of the river of God that flows from the temple. He measures it off in sections and the river gets progressively deeper until Ezekiel says the river was so deep and wide that it was deep enough to swim in.

I believe the Lord wants to say to us that His river is already flowing, touching lives and bringing healing, restoration and transformation. For many of us, we are starting to feel out of our depth with what God is starting to do. We can feel the pull of the river on our thighs and it feels like we might be swept away, but the Lord is saying, ‘if you feel out of your depth, that is exactly where I want you to be, because I want to teach you to swim.’

When you feel out of your depth, the temptation is to retreat to shallower water, or to try and hold onto something, to control the situation, but the Lord wants our total dependence and trust, as he opens up new opportunities and rather than retreating to safe water, or trying to control things in our own strength, we need to yield to the flow of the river and trust our swimming instructor.

I believe God is opening up new opportunities for many of us to see kingdom transformation even in the next week or two. The Lord would say to you, ‘Dive in, even if it looks too deep, I will be with you!’

13 Jun 2022

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