Prophetic Focus

A tent of thanksgiving featured in our recent 40 year celebrations at TVCC and a tent again features in  a recent word I had:

“The WIND is up and the canvas is flapping. Poles are moving and tent pegs are coming loose.  

God is saying that the tent hasn’t blown away but it needs securing. The STRONG WINDS have come and these winds are NOT RECEDING. 

Walk around your tent and PAY ATTENTION to what has come loose, then SECURE any loosened pegs”.

You may feel you’re caught up in these winds of changing times.

Some fears, good routines, may have loosened in your life.


Think of “your tent” pitched in the storm. 

Walk around it in your imagination and ask Holy Spirit to explain what any loose pegs represent.

The answer may not be what you were expecting or it could be totally obvious.

Worries might be revealed – due to world news, the economy, family, health.

Are you believing a lie about yourself?

Has an old issue resurfaced? 

Ephesians 6 v 12

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms”

This verse is true in respect of world powers as well as the smallest detail of our day-to-day.  Satan wants to disrupt and destroy so we need to see, discern and understand beyond the obvious.

What God is putting into your hand to secure these pegs?

He will give you just the right strategy.

It might not be an instant process…a bit of hammering may be needed! But expect God to speak to you:

  •  Through the Bible as you read it or as you hear it preached.
  •  In dreams, through a word or from a time of prayer in conversation with Jesus. 
  •  Or Godly advice from a friend.

End this reflective time by thanking Him for speaking.

PEACE IN THE WORLD  –  For Ukraine 

Why not use Pete Greig’s prayer mnemonic – “The 3 P’s” for bringing the issues of this conflict to God:

People  –  for those suffering, injured, displaced, separated from family. God’s heart is always for the refugee, widow and orphan.

Pastors  –  & Priests. They are on the ground with the people. Understanding their situations. Ask God to anoint them daily with the Holy Spirit. Pray that they are able to bind up the broken hearted and share the Gospel.

Presidents  –  Volodymyr Zelenskyy needs strength, wisdom, courage. He is carrying so much. Pray for Vladimir Putin to reverse his plans of war. Pray God will speak to him to end this conflict.  God spoke to Herod’s wife in a dream.  Ask for miraculous interventions.

In Conclusion

Worship with courageous Ukrainian students sheltering from attack. I read that they are singing in Russian, highlighting  just how complicated this conflict is, how intertwined are the nations and people.

29 Mar 2022

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