One sunny day during the early part of lockdown 2020 the relative of a neighbour came to our home and spent some considerable time chatting on the doorstep with us. Later that day, as part of our normal Sunday practice, our family shared communion around the evening meal table.

At the time an Indian student was living with us. Due to his Christian and cultural experiences, he was familiar with a spiritual realm that we, as westerners, tend to be much less perceptive to.

He told us that since the woman’s visit he had seen a seductive demonic spirit that had remained outside our front door all day, but as soon as we broke bread it left!

There is much more going on than we realise.


I thought we’d begin today by engaging in this worship song (Oceans. Where feet may fail. Hillsong Benjisax Cover). It’s a really beautiful instrumental rendition, and I’ve deliberately chosen not to use the words because I would like to encourage you to express your own adoration. It may be in dance, tongues (spoken or sung, if you use this gift), through singing or reading a Psalm, picking up your own instrument or however you would like to express yourself. Of course, if you would prefer to use the  ‘water-walking’ lyrics please feel free to search them out on the internet. 


It’s an obvious statement, but the power of the Holy Spirit is not limited to a big Sunday gathering. Indeed, I sense through my own prophetic walk that our homes are going to become increasingly important as hotspots for God encounters. This does not necessarily mean the dramatic (although it may do); but when Jesus Christ is King in our homes and we are living ‘Your Kingdom come’ in the everyday an entirely different, supernatural dynamic is at work. Even if you are the only Christian in your home this still applies.

I’m going to suggest that you take The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew ch 6 v9-13) and declare it around your home. You may want to make this a family activity. Personalise it: “Your kingdom come in our kitchen”, “Hallowed be Your Name/reveal who You are (Message transliteration) in our lounge”.


  • Let’s pray that the nations are touched from our homes. It may be by interceding as we watch the news or inviting someone from another nation to share our life for a season.
  • Let’s pray for opportunities to bring neighbours into our homes, even if they come no further than the doorstep or garden.
  • Each time you use water today whether it’s to shower, clean dishes or drink etc pray that God would help you and your family to be ‘water-walkers’ in the ordinary, everyday activities of home life.

05 Apr 2022

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