Last Christmas, our very own Pete Glasby brought out a brilliant, christmassy song that really summed up what we are about here at TVC Church, by encouraging people across the world to live every month ‘Like December’ – with that heart of generosity that we often feel at this time of year.  

This year, Pete has teamed up with the Message UK and has pledged to give every penny that ‘Like December’ makes, over December 2021, to the work of the Community Grocery’s here in the UK – which work to both feed and support families across the UK, in order to fight back against the effects of poverty.

So take a look – enjoy the song and may it stir your heart to live in a way that is generous to others.

If you use social media – look up Peter Glasby Music and take a few mins to like and share the song. This will mean it reaches further into thew world. Let’s make it viral!

If you like it, why not spend £1 on downloading it? That £1 will go towards continuing the wonderful work of the Community Grocery. Win Win!

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10 Dec 2021

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