We are a multi-generational family who are journeying in faith together!

Our children are very much part of this community of believers. We love that we get to worship together each Sunday morning and we want to keep you updated on what goes on when the children disappear into their groups on a Sunday morning, so that you can pray for our children and encourage them in their walk with God.

We refer to our Sunday morning children’s groups as ‘Illuminate’ and each age group is named after something that ‘Illuminates’ this world – as these groups equip our children to take God’s Illuminating power wherever they go.

To find out more about how Illuminate groups are structured, click here.

What is happening in Illuminate at the moment?

Here is a quick overview of the topics that we will cover this term:

Our teams are assisted by a curriculum that has been created by Scripture Union. It is great as it provides ideas of fun and creative activities, while being right in line with our Church values across the board. The ‘Xsream’ curriculum is about enabling our children to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, understanding the Bible and discovering how they can live as a light in the darkness. As part of their sessions, are children are encouraged that they can ‘chat’ to God about anything as they go about their daily lives, but that they can also ‘catch’ messages from him, for themselves and for others.

What can I do to help our children to grow in their faith?

Why not take a few minutes today to pray for each of our Illuminate children. Pray that they would grow knowing their fathers love and that they would live in daily relationship with Him.

Pray that our children would truly understand that God’s plans are the best plans and that they would build their foundations in this.

Pray that our children will be inspired as we learn about God’s character and his heart for each of his children.

Pray for the Illuminate team, that they would be blessed and refreshed as they spend time with our children on a Sunday.

We always have space on our teams for those who have a heart to see our children grow in their faith. Is that you? If you could be part of our Illuminate team, click here to find out more.

09 Feb 2024

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