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Walking round the corridors here in The Oakwood Centre has become a faith building exercise over the past few weeks, as our staff and volunteers pour out the stories of those that we are connecting with and how they are meeting with Jesus.

On Monday this week, we published a story about the 4 people who had made a decision to follow Jesus through the work of Three13 last week.

This week, our Shaftsburry street outreach team shared of a young guy they have been working with and how a decision to follow Jesus has set him free from long term drug addiction and the Three13 team have celebrated another commitment to Jesus.

Consistent prayer and a willingness to be used by God is meaning that we are seeing people from all walks of life turn to Jesus. It is so exciting to be part of somebodies journey to faith – even if it’s just a small part!

On Tuesday 2nd November, out next Alpha Course begins! It will take place here at The Oakwood Centre and we are exited to be talking a group of people through the course and walking with them as they explore the meaning of life for themselves. So who will you invite? Get praying and asking God ‘Who is it that you want to meet with and what small part can I play in leading the to you?’

15 Oct 2021

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