Four team members looking joyful.

At TVC Church, we are blessed to have so many opportunities to reach out to our local community with both practical help and with the hope that Jesus gives.

Our Training and Enterprise venture Three13 has been developed over the past few years and is hosted on site at The Oakwood Centre. Each week, we train people from across Teesside in practical skills and work with them to lift the barriers of unemployment, while at the same time, sharing Jesus with them.

Two weeks ago we shared the gospel with a young guy who decided there and then to accept Jesus. Just 2 hours later he told one of his fellow learners how different he felt and that a ‘weight had been lifted’ from him.

Last week we saw 4 learners accept Jesus, one of them was the learner who had been in the conversation with the guy who had felt an instant change the week before.

Another was a lady who had been connected in with a number of different TVC Church and Three13 members and had been to our Sunday Service a few times. Matt, one of our Three13 staff was particularly excited at this “great example how God uses many people, in seemingly small ways, to achieve His overall goal”.

So today we want to give Glory to God for the 5 people that we have seen turn to him in the past 2 weeks! We pray for a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit with each of them as they begin their walk with him.

11 Oct 2021

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