TVC Church is not just a Sunday gathering, it is a community of God’s people that loves to welcome everybody; whether they are just beginning to think about exploring faith or have been a follower of Jesus for many years, you are invited to belong here!

Exactly 2 years ago this week, we launched our Belong groups, out of a heart to connect with those who are new to TVC Church and would like to find out a bit more about who we are and what is important to us as the family that God has brought together in this area of Teesside. Since then, we have been blessed to get to know 75 people, to help them get connected into our church family and share our joint vision.

So what exactly happens at a Belong Group?

Well at the moment, our Belong groups are online, but they are informal and friendly. They run for just 3 weeks and are a place to get to know others from the church, as much as they are to give you background as to who we are as a Church family.

Before the first evening, you will have had a call from Liz, our Belong co-ordinator, to let you know the details of how and when to meet. Then on the evening, your Belong group will be led by a couple from the church who have a passion for getting to know others, and will be supported by some of our lovely elders. We will start off by just getting to know each other, and those who feel comfortable to, will be able to share the story of who they are and maybe even what has brought them to TVC Church. We will then chat through our 6 core values (you can find a full talk on each of these at the bottom of this page).

We asked Sarah to tell us about her recent Belong group…

“It felt a bit weird at first to be meeting with this group of people online, having never met before but everyone was so friendly and it was easy to see that, being a group of Christians, we already had so much in common. It was great to hear the stories of how God had brought each person to this place at this time. We were different ages, at different stages of life, single, married, older, younger and yet all had a heart to join together as the family of God. Even though time has moved on, I still love to see my Belong group at Church on a Sunday or when we are on team together. God really uses Belong group to connect us in!”

We are excited to launch our next Belong group this week. We would love you to be a part of it!

Click here now to find out a bit more and to sign up to join in!

14 Jan 2022