This prophetic word has been brought to us as a Church, through Gordon Smyrell. He has brought it in 2 parts, so we bring both together here.

Part 1

Christian – I have placed you in a boat called salvation; you are “in Christ”.  It’s a fine boat; an unsinkable boat.  Though the seas may be rough and you may be tossed around, the waves will never be able to overwhelm it.  You are safe, you are secure.  You can know true peace in the midst of the worst of storms.

But …

For some of you I have to say – “why then are you simply ‘messing around in boats?’  Why are you still in the harbour, sticking close to the shore?”  I have placed you in the boat for a purpose.  Your boat was made for the high seas.  It’s not a paddle boat, only fit for the boating lake.  It’s not a toy to be played with.  It’s not a hobby to keep you entertained.  It’s not a kit of parts to be built or a project to work on and give you something to do.

I, the Creator of the universe, have equipped the boat with a strong keel and mighty rudder to keep it straight and true; with masts and sails to power it into the roughest of seas.  Why have you not yet explored the rigging?  Why have you not yet decided to learn the ropes?  Why have you not taken hold of the rudder and learned to steer into the wind. Why have you not committed to studying the charts?  Why have you not even asked me “where next, Lord?”

This boat was made to be sailed.  I have a journey for you to embark upon.  A journey full of purpose and excitement.  A journey with many destinations.  A journey with wonderful sights.  Yet you are content to remain in the harbour?  I want to send you out on a Spirit-driven mission to the world around you.

Look around at the others who have taken on supplies and started to prepare for the voyage.  Copy their example and learn from them.  Ask their advice and learn to take instruction.  Your boat is named “disciple” ship.  Get on board and be part of the program.  Find your uniform and get equipped to be my sailor

Part 2

Church – I see an armada of little boats, all similarly equipped and ready for the off. Some are beginning to head out to the sea, but many don’t want the responsibility, or the danger, and stay in the harbour.

You are meant to be a mighty navy, venturing out into the stormy seas of this world, propelled by the wind of my spirit. There is a battle to be fought. One that only you can fight, empowered and guided by the wind of my Spirit. Victory is assured – but only if you join the fight, and that means getting out of the harbour.

Let my wind fill the sails to the fullest – put all the sails up, not just a few. The masts may creak and bend, but they will not break. Let the wind have full control. Don’t try to reef the sails. Don’t try to lessen the speed. Give the ship it’s head.

I call on you all, to put on the Word of God as your life jacket, take hold of the rope of faith, hoist the sails and head into the wind of my Spirit. The adventure of your lifetime awaits. C’mon fisherfolk – become the master sailors you were made to be. Grab the rudder and steer on the heading I give you, towards your appointed destiny. Don’t be afraid to feel the wind in your hair and the spray on your face. Don’t back away when a wave soaks you; know that you are on a voyage, under my direction, and for my purpose.

Don’t be confused when you see some boats head off in one direction and others in another. Christ your admiral is in control – let him direct operations and just concentrate on the set of commands he’s given you and the flotilla he’s assigned you to. Whatever you do, make sure to work alongside, and in partnership with those he’s put you with, to accomplish the mission he’s assigned to you. Don’t be content to be a passenger along for the ride’ work as a team of master mariners.

My armarda cannot be beaten, so long as it maintains right connection with it’s admiral. Victory is mine and my kingdom will advance as I have planned. Come with me; cast off from the shore and let’s set sail.

There’s a world to be won!

11 Dec 2023

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