The world around us is full of challenges and every day people struggle with their circumstances.  Sadly, the places in greatest need of the transforming power of Jesus are the places where the church is in decline.

At TVC Church, we partner with a number of organisations to bring compassionate transformation to Teesside.


The Eden Network partners with local churches to establish mission-minded communities within needy neighbourhoods across the UK. It focusses on communities that are recognised by the government as being in the bottom 10% economically.

We have partnered with the Eden Network to see two teams established on Teesside. We continue to see the impact in both these communities and celebrate the many stories of lives transformed at our baptism services.

Ragworth and Primrose Hill

The Eden team, led by Paul Connor live in the heart of this community.  The meet regularly at ‘The Shack’ to run a breakfast club, youth club and courses that are designed to upscale people’s life skills.  It is a real hub of community activity that is focussed on building relationships and sharing God’s love.  The team also host a monthly church service called ‘TOAST’ which stand for ‘time on a Sunday together’ which aims to build a family of faith on the estate.

Find out more about what is happening at The Shack by visiting their Facebook Page.


Tony Grainge has led the work on Easterside estate for a number of years now.  During this time we have run youth clubs, dance classes, various community projects and, most recently, Lighthouse – a Wednesday evening event in a former Anglican Church.

Community Grocery

Founded during the COVID19 pandemic, partner organisation The Message Trust developed the Grocery to help support families with the financial impact of the pandemic.

Through partnership with local supermarkets, the Community Grocery is able to offer a wide range of food for the whole family to choose from, at a fraction of the cost, meaning you can save money, help the environment and reduce food waste all in one.

But it’s not just about the food. There’s also a range of free extra support on offer at the grocery should you ever need it. Support like job clubs, money management support, healthy cooking classes and much more.

You can find out more about the Grocery by visiting the web page here.

Or you can find us on Facebook.

Debt Support

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a national charity aimed at helping people to get free from poverty and debt.  At TVC Church, we operate a CAP Centre, offering support, expertise and training for those who are struggling financially.

Our CAP Centre manager, Julie Parker, has helped over 600 clients since the centre opened in 2006.

Julie often visits clients in their homes, but is at The Community Grocery each Tuesday afternoon to meet anybody who would like to chat.

You can contact Julie via email: Julieparker@capuk.org or via the CAP helpline 08003280006.

Find out more about the work of Christians Against Poverty nationally, by visiting their webpage.

These articles talk about the work of CAP here at TVC Church:

Three13 Training

Since 2016, our training arm, Three13, has addressed the issue of high unemployment in Teesside, helping people who are furthest from the job market back into work, by increasing their confidence through work experience, careers guidance and accredited training programmes.

Forgetting what’s in the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, each person we engage with gets the tailored support they need to grow and develop, to overcome obstacles and fulfill their personal potential. This support takes place face-to-face, in working environments at our training hub or out in the community.

Find out more by visiting our Three13 Website


25th Apr 2021

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