Safeguarding Lead: Dave Marley

Safeguarding Deputies (by Ministry)

Children (0 to school year 6) – Anna Biddlecombe

Youth (School years 7 to 13) – Leanne Chilton

The Shack – Pauline Robinson

The Open Well – Krista Coulson

Three13 – Helen Malbon

Stockton Connect – Helen Malbon

Middlesbrough Connect – Sue Holton

Eden Teams:

Ragworth & Primrose Hill – Pauline Robinson

Parkfield & Oxbridge – Helen Malbon

South Bank – Krista Coulson

For all other ministries – Leanne Chilton and Helen Malbon

How to contact:

You will have been given contact info for your ministry’s safeguarding team within your training pack.

If you need help outside of your usual ministry role, contact safeguarding@tvcchurch.org.uk