Last week a group of 24 of our teenagers from TVC Church, headed off to ‘Newday’ – which is one of the largest annual Christian events for young people. For 5 days, they descended on Norfolk Showground, with seven thousand other teenagers from across the UK, to learn about and worship God, camp out together and soak in the summer festival feeling.

These camps are an amazing opportunity to not only grow in friendships but also in faith. You can see what our youth enjoyed in the video above. There was a great mix of time for fun and time to go deeper with God.

We asked Youth leader Nic Ferguson to give us her take on the week and this is what she said…

“It was just great to be away together, we had so much fun. I was most encouraged by seeing our youth actually encouraging one another in their faith. To see them praying for one another and stand together as they each took steps forward in their relationship with Jesus.”

So what can we be praying for?

Let’s keep lifting our teenagers up to our Heavenly Father.

  • For those who were able to go to Newday, lets pray that the fire that was fanned into flame last week, continues to burn bright through the summer holidays and into the new term.
  • For those who weren’t able to go this time, let’s pray that they feel connected and inspired by what God is continually doing in all of us, but especially in their peers.