At TVC Church, God has called us to be a multigenerational family. This means that we are not just a gathering made up of young people or of faithful older folk, but a Church family that consists of every generation.

As we have begun to gather back together again after various lockdowns it has saddened us that, though we have been able to meet, our children have been squirrelled away in different rooms – yes worshipping God under the one roof – but not together as one multi-generational family.

However – we are thrilled that this week, we are finally able to fully meet together again!

This Sunday, we will gather as one family – from the 1 week olds to the 100 year olds as we worship our great God together. Our children will join with us for the first 15 minutes, as we sing together, before heading off to their own specially designed teaching sessions, where they can study the Bible and build friendships in an age-appropriate way. The adults and youth will remain in the auditorium for continued worship and their own age-appropriate talk.

Back in June, Martin spoke to us about how Jesus described children as VIP’s in the kingdom of God. Our Church family is certainly not complete without them. Yes life with small children can be messier and noisier – but it is also one with increased joy, and that is a reflection of how our shared worship time will be.

Now, some of our smallest church members were just 6 months old last time they joined us in the auditorium as one family. Understandably, this will be a big day for them and it might possibly be a little overwhelming – much bigger and much louder than they are used to. So do be praying for our children this week and as you look forward to seeing them on Sunday, spend time thanking God for the gift that they are to us.

02 Nov 2021

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