The end of this month will mark 2 years since the war began in Ukraine and still we pray for an end to the fighting.

Throughout the past 2 years, we have consistently supported Pastor Victor, a personal friend of many of our Church leaders, as he remains in Ukraine, supporting his community there.

We want to say a huge thank you to everybody, near and far, who has donated through TVC Church to the people of Ukraine and to let you know that the Ukraine fund remains open for those who wish to give directly. Though there is less media attention, the situation remains every bit as tragic and the support that we give really makes a huge difference to the lives of those we are able to support.

Each week we receive an update from Victor on how the money is being used both within his community and through the churches that he is able to safely deliver money to. His messages are always sent with greetings and love sent to those who are being generous and with a prayer for peace.

“Peace to all who live the Lord! He is the only hope in this terrible time”

This is how the money that we send has been spent over the past month:

  • Food packages
  • Bottled drinking water
  • To fuel vehicles that are used to evacuate people
  • To cover medical costs for a young boy’s treatment
  • Fuel for generators
  • Hygiene items for refugee families
  • Assistance given to over 30 Christian families

As you can see – any money donated is going straight to those who are in desperate need.

You can continue to donate to those in Ukraine here: