This time last year, as a Church Family we were responding to the call of God for the poor and captive, through Isaiah 61. As a Three13 ministry, we were beginning a journey to reach and support Care-Leavers, recognising that many people with convictions on our programmes had care-experience as part of their story.

What have we done so far?

We launched ‘Being Independent’, a pilot project delivered here at our Teesside Hub, that combines work-based training with skills to support independent living (including cookery, budgeting and DIY skills). Over the year, eleven care-experienced young people enrolled on the programme, nine of them completed it. Of those, five achieved a vocational qualification and four secured employment. 

“Three13 has helped me learn skills I would not have thought I could achieve. When I started work, on the first day of my first ever job, I felt so at home as the kitchen was so similar to the one we trained in – it filled me with confidence.”– Learner 

The project also allowed us to join in with other local initiatives that address the disadvantage faced by those with care-experience. In the last week of term, learners on our hospitality programme prepared home-made quiches for a Christmas day meal that was hosted by volunteers in Middlesbrough for 50 Care Leavers from across Teesside. 

What’s next?

We’re pleased to share that the pilot project is just the start of our journey. This year, we’ve secured further funding to work with a greater number of care-experienced young people both here, and in our Sunderland Hub. These young people are, by their circumstances, ‘hard-to-reach’. We’re praying that God opens doors to new referrals and that the increase in our provision can reach and impact those who feel on the edge of our communities. Please pray with us. 

To find out more about our offer to care-experienced young people, or share with us any connections you may have, email