As we look towards the next step in increasing capacity to our Sunday morning gatherings this week, we just wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts that were kindly sent to us by one of the 68 visitors that attended this week’s Sunday service (yes thats right, God is still growing his Church!)

We were contacted by a lovely lady who has visited us a few times now. She writes “my husband and I have loved coming to TVC Church for worship. It has had a profound effect on us…The energy in the building is very special. We both find solitude and at the same time, our minds are expanding through thought provoking theology from scripture. You guys really have something special!!”

And you know what, those of us who have been able to attend Sunday services at The Oakwood Centre recently, would certainly agree.

It is just amazing to be able to stand in the auditorium as one, declaring worship and truth to our great God! There is such a tangible presence of the Holy Spirit among us as we sing together. It is a blessing to, once again, be able to see those that have journeyed with us, through the good and the bad, fill the room as we set time aside to focus on Him.

And it’s not just the adults! Our children are loving being back together, worshipping with their friends. They too have encountered answers to prayer, healings and hearing from God, as they have met together each week. This week, our Young people will meet together for their first youth service in 18 months (parents you can book them in to this via the separate link just this once).

Even with our largest congregation ever last week, we are far from being full. There is plenty of space to increase capacity and remain socially distanced as we worship together. All of the rooms used on a Sunday are well ventilated and much thought has been given on every level, to ensure that we can return to worshipping together safely.

So will you be joining us this Sunday? Will you be inviting a guest (which is very much allowed!). Click the link below to book in now!