This week at TVC Church, we are looking forward to a slightly different Sunday gathering as we gather at The Oakwood Centre not just as TVC Church, but as a family of Churches – worshipping as one!

At TVC Church, we believe that God loves us to live in unity with one another and with other Christians. We are part of the Taking Ground family of Churches – 10 Churches from across the North East of England who are committed to the same goals as we make Jesus name known across our region. Not only do we love and support one another, but twice a year, we meet as one for a special Sunday Service that celebrates our shared vision and gives us the opportunity to worship God together. These services often take place at The Oakwood Centre (as God has blessed us with a large venue in which to gather). They are still open to visitors, as well as the other Taking Ground Churches.

So this week, Will and Elyse Horner from Collective Church, will lead us in worship – along with a band from across the different Taking Ground Churches. We will also be welcoming guest speakers Ron & Mary MacLean who are actually from Canada but are long standing friends of the Taking Ground Family.

So TVC Church – We look forward to gathering with you once again this Sunday and look forward to welcoming the other Churches too! You will need to book in as usual and we will offer the same provision at The Oakwood Centre as last week in terms of numbers, masks and children’s work. You can book in using the link below – yes we know the logo is different, but the booking system is the same!

See you Sunday!