The summer is here! (Somebody tell the weather)

Things are inevitably a bit quieter over the summer as the schools are out and many of our church family head off on holiday.  However, it is maybe more important than usual to make sure that we continue to connect with one another and so we have a couple of additional things that will happen on a Sunday through August that we want to tell you about…

Our Sunday Services

Throughout August, our services will be a little shorter and have a different structure.  Services will still begin at 10.30am, where we will join together as a whole Church family to worship together. We don’t have the ability to run our usual Illuminate children’s groups, but have a couple of other things happening which will help both adults and children to engage in our Sunday gatherings.

Worship Stations

There will be 5 stations set up around the Auditorium throughout the whole of our service. Each uses a different creative idea to help us to connect with God in prayer and worship. They are designed for use by all ages of our congregation and everybody is welcome to pop over to any of them at any point in the service. They are designed to encourage quiet reflection. If you have children with you at the service, please accompany them as they move around the stations, ensuring that they are safe and that everyone is able to enjoy the stations together.

Mini Sermon

Each of our services focusses on one of the ‘I Am’ sayings of Jesus. The sermon will be shorter than usual, but we will also begin with a ‘mini sermon’. This short talk will be fun and interactive and will introduce our teaching for the morning in a simple way, ensuring that we can all learn something new – no matter what our age!

Under 7’s Break out Space

We know that our little people can find it hard to sit still for very long, so if your children need a little more space to express themselves during the sermon, the Function Room will be set out with some toys and craft activities as a place where you can take your child. You will need to stay with your child in this room as we don’t have a full team available, but we will have two room leaders in there who will make sure that activities are available.

After the Service

We will continue to have tea and coffee available after the service, throughout the summer.

Throughout August, there will also be the opportunity to have lunch together. Check back in next week for details!

First Visit?

If this will be your first visit to us – that is brilliant! We want you to feel very at home.

If you’d like a bit of info about what to expect, click here.