Our new teaching series kicked off today and this time we are focussing on the book of Ruth.

We have no doubt that God wants to speak to us from this book. It is a story of Godly love, faith and faithfulness in the midst of difficult circumstances and it will inspire us, God’s people, to keep our trust in him, no matter what our situation.

Back in 2020, the lovely Mike Beaumont created a series of video studies on the book of Ruth. In his unique way he teaches the deep and hidden truths of the scriptures in his easy, relaxed and accessible way. As we step back in to the books of Ruth at this time, why not take some time out to watch these videos or even just have them on in the background as you work or iron or cook the tea. We know that God will use them to speak to you and encourage you as he unlocks the truth in his word.

23 Jan 2022