We are thrilled to be welcoming special guest Andrew Palau to speak to us at TVC Church this coming Sunday!

So who is Andrew Palau?

Those who have been a Christian for a number of years may recognise the name Louis Palau as being a prominent Evangelist across the world for many years. He was a great friend of Billy Graham and had a similar worldwide ministry and calling. When he died in 2021, he left behind a huge legacy in sharing the good news of Jesus with the world and he also left behind the Louis Palau Association – which continues to proclaim the good news, unite the church and impact cities worldwide.

Andrew Palau is the son of Louis Palau. However, despite growing up with a Dad who preached to the world, Andrew has his own story of finding God for himself.

Andrew now has a key role in the Louis Palau Association as an evangelist, director and key team leader. He is also an author, speaker and radio broadcaster. He is husband to Wendy and Dad to Christopher, Jonathan and Sadie. Andrew currently lives in Oregon in the US and travels to us this week to spend time with us in Teesside.

What is Andrew’s link with Teesside?

We are now on the countdown to Festival Teesside – a huge free event that will be held in Stewart Park, Middlesbrough on the 8th & 9th June.

Festival Teesside is a joint venture as 50 Churches across Teesside work together to host this event. The Palau Association is working with us to make it happen. Their heart and expertise promises to make this an amazing event for each of us to bring our family and friends to. Andrew is in Teesside helping us to prepare for this epic event. He has been meeting with Church leaders and then will speak at the Prayer and Worship Event at The Globe in Stockton on Saturday.

We are thrilled to be able to welcome Andrew to TVC Church this Sunday to speak to us as we too prepare for Festival Teesside together!