The Message bus is now out and about and we were thrilled that its first stop was with our very own Parkfield and Oxbridge Eden team!

Since the bus has arrived to The Message North East team, there has been a lot happening behind the scenes as they appointed their new Bus Evangelist, Paul Jackson, got the Bus MOT’d and PAT tested and generally put the building blocks in place for this brilliant new Ministry.

Yesterday, the Bus left The Oakwood Centre Car park and headed over to Stockton. It attracted a good little crowd and the team served tea and coffee to anybody who wanted one. We asked Eden team leader Steve how it went…

“We had a really good first day, some really good conversations. The people who owned the house where the bus was parked were really receptive and actually spent quite a bit of time chatting with us all and then we had quite a constant flow of people passing through. We invited them to Stockton Connect and to this Sundays’s Baptism service – so let’s pray they come along, encounter the Holy Spirit and begin their journey! Overall it was an amazing time and a great effort by all the guys – everyone there was really encouraged!