Today let us begin by inviting the Holy Spirit into our lives to have full reign in all our thoughts and actions.  Allow Him to speak to us intimately.  He desires that we know him personally.   

Let the words of the following song sink into your heart:

The prophet Jeremiah points out that it is impossible for those with evil intent to do good.  In the book of Romans we are reminded that we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s high standards.  (Rom. 3:23) We are powerless in ourselves to change our character.  This is the meaning of the rhetorical question ‘Can a leopard change its spots?  Jer. 13:23.  (It is not meant to be a criticism of this beautiful creature!)

The good news is that, even though we can’t change our character, God is not only able but also willing to do so through the action of His Spirit.  He is the God of transformations.

I believe that the Lord wants to say this to us today:

‘Only the blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross has the power to remove the spots and blemishes in your life.  In your own strength you do not have what it takes to change your character.  This is why my beloved Son Jesus came to die for you so that, not only can you be made whole, but you can also be welcomed into the eternal family of God.  All I require is that you come to me with a humble and contrite heart and allow me to transform your character to become like Jesus.’  

For others I believe that God is calling us today to rededicate our lives to him.  Let us pray that His desires become our desires, that His will be done in every aspect of our lives.  I am reminded of Joshua’s challenge to the Israelites in renewing God’s covenant relationship.  ‘As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.’  (Josh. 24:15).   

Pray that you or whoever God’s put on your heart be set free:  

  • from any addictions (e.g. drugs, pornography, gambling) that have the capacity to ruin lives;  
  • from mental illness that can cause depression or anxiety;
  • from any form of physical abuse or cyberbullying.

Remember that our God is the God of transformations.  He can and will change you.  Your circumstances may not alter but He will help you through whatever situation you are facing.

One of the lies that our society teaches us is that we can change our circumstances if we just have sufficient willpower!  This can be a big mistake.  Do not try and go it alone!  We are called to walk the Christian life in partnership with others.  Our calling is not to be independent but inter-dependent! 

May the peace and presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you in all you do today.

19 Oct 2021

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