As Tees Valley Community Church, we recognise the strength that comes from working together. That is why we are part of the Taking Ground Network of Churches. This is a collection of 9 Churches that are all based in the North East of England, who share the same core values of Christian faith. Not only do our leaders meet to pray and support each other every month, but we also regularly join together in different projects and events, as well as our termly joint celebration services. You can find out more about Taking Ground by clicking here.

Back in December we launched ‘Taking Ground Podcasts’. The heart behind this is better connection as Churches, ministries and people of God, by sharing our stories. There are now 15 podcasts which have been created and released in the past 6 months, covering a whole range of topics from who we are, miracles, calling to sex, money and in-laws! It is available on all the usual listening platforms (apple podcasts, spotify, google and YouTube).

The first episode is a conversation with Martin & Lynda Dunkley, who not only lead TVC Church, but the wider network of Taking Ground too! In this first podcast, they talk about their leadership journey and the encouragement they find as they lead Taking Ground. You will recognise many of the other speakers and some will be brand new to you.

This is a fantastic way to connect our church communities with one another, to help us all feel part of something bigger across the North East. So feel free to not only listen in, but if you have a story to tell – get in touch!

Visit the Taking Ground Facebook and Instagram Pages for more info and to get regular updates.