Mini Movers is our fun and physical group for 2-4 year olds, which runs on a Wednesday morning in the Function room.

Each week we gather together for a song and a Bible story, before heading over to the equipment stations for a chance to work on our moving, climbing, rolling and sliding as we complete small tasks that are linked to this week’s story.

Last half term, we welcomed 16 little people and their carers to Mini movers and much fun was had by all. Catching up with some of the Mums in the Coffee Shop afterwards, they told me how much they loved it and what a special group it is in the love and support that it offers to local families.

This half term, we have 20 places available for this awesome, fun and friendly group. It will run each week, from Wednesday 3rd November until Wednesday 16th December (which will include some Christmas fun I’m sure!). There is a change of just £2.50 a week, which covers the cost of the equipment and includes a free cuppa for the grown ups and juice and biscuits for the little poeple.

You can sign up now by clicking here.

21 Oct 2021