We are thrilled to welcome Tony Gray back to the stage this Sunday, as he brings us a message from God’s word this Sunday.

Tony is part of our TVC Church family and has been for many years, but many of you might not recognise him.

So, let us introduce him…

Tony is originally from the south of England. He has been married to Doreen for 58 years and they have 4 children, 12 grandchildren and 2 great-grandsons. Tony was a school teacher and Youth Leader, before taking up preaching and teaching as his full-time job in 1974. He has been on the leadership teams of several churches and was Principal of Kings Bible College, before coming to Teesside in 2000. 

Tony was then a really active member of TVC Church for the next 15 years. As part of our leadership team, he was a regular to the TVC Church microphone, as he used his preaching and teaching gift to encourage and enrich God’s people here in Teesside.

In 2015 Tony and Doreen responded to what God had next for them and moved to Sunderland, to support Matt and Rachel Broughton in starting a new Taking Ground church there. Then last year they felt it was time to move back to TVC Church. We are thrilled to have them back home with us!

What will Tony bring to us this Sunday?

We know that Tony is really looking forward to speaking to us this week as we gather as a community of believers who are kingdom extenders!

Last week, Will Horner brought a challenging and exciting message about how we as Anointed Messengers must learn to follow the Spirit. This week, Tony will further unpack this with us; as we recognise this time of change and learn to hear and follow the Holy Spirit in it.