Marriage is really important to us at TVC Church and our heart is to see healthy and thriving marriages, no matter how long you have been married.

Over the past few years, we have delivered a special evening entitled ‘The Marriage Journey’ to around 35 couples. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, as each couple enjoyed spending time together and having space to go through videos, questions and prompts in order to open up conversation between the two of them with the overall aim of strengthening their marriage.

Along with the feedback, there was suggestion for some other areas of marriage that the couples felt they wanted to explore. And so, the lovely ray and Sylvia Mills have been happily creating some content so that we can now bring to you ‘The Marriage Journey parts 2 and 3!

Part 2

This is an opportunity for the two of you to talk together on various topics relating to parents, in-laws and children – which of course are people groups who have a profound effect on any marriage journey.  Through short talks, prompts and videos, we hope to enable you to open up conversation that will help your marriage to thrive.

Part 3

Intimacy is a great benefit of marriage, but it is not always an easy road. This evening will provide time for the two of you to take a look together at love languages, intimacy and sex. It is a chance for you to have helpful, kind and honest discussion and to better understand each other.

What will the evenings look like?

As with all these evenings, you will be provided with a table for two, with drinks and snacks and different conversation prompts, including questions, activities and videos.  Discussion is always limited to just the two of you, there is definitely no ‘group sharing’.  You are seated as a couple, out of earshot of other couples. The evenings are led by TVC Church leaders, Ray and Sylvia Mills, who have created the content after many years of their own marriage journey and they take care to facilitate your time together.

Acclaim for the Marriage Journey (from your TVC Church family)

“A great opportunity to sit together and just focus on us and our relationship in the midst of a busy life”

“It felt like oil for our marriage and we both loved it”

“Would thoroughly recommend it to others”

We have set aside a choice of two evenings and invite you to come together as husband and wife.  You will be seated at a table set for two, and treated to snacks and treats as we bring gentle prompts for you to simply come and chat and invest into your marriage. These are not group sessions, each couple has space to speak together without any reporting back to the group. They are simply an opportunity to reflect on your marriage together and to look ahead to what is next for you.

Do I need to book?

Yes please! Click on the dates below to book in for the session you would like. The sessions stand alone so you can come to one, the other or both – it’s totally up to you.

Spaces are limited so book straight away!

The Passengers on the Journey – Monday 9th October 2023

The road to intimacy – Wednesday 8th November 2023