Jennie has been a part of our church family for many years now.

15 years ago, Jennie responded to God’s prompting to move to Thailand, to be part of a ministry called ‘Kids Life’, where she mothered orphaned and abandoned children. You can hear Jennie’s story here.

For the past 2 years, while we have been living with a pandemic, Jennie has been back in England and has been faithfully serving into the work of TVC Church. She has been such a blessing to us all, but especially to the community in Ragworth, where she has been a key member of the team at the Shack and Community Grocery.

Jennie now updates us on what God has been speaking to her about in the last few weeks and months and what the next season holds for her.

Jennie Writes…

“I recently took a little time off to retreat, refocus and just spend some time alone with God. It was a restful time that God’s fingerprints were all over, but it was also a deeply challenging and heart-breaking time. In this time away God very gently and lovingly spoke into my season of waiting and trusting with the revelation that KLM will not be my home base for the season ahead.

I’m sure you can imagine the overwhelming grief and confliction that I encountered at that moment. I certainly had some things to say to God; questions, objections, worries etc. I wrote each down and over the week God generously and patiently took the time to speak directly into every single one of them. Undoubtedly, the biggest heartbreak is over the children who long ago stole my heart and built themselves a home there. To that, God showed me Moses’ mother weaving a basket, placing him in it and trusting God as she pushed it out onto the water. He went on to tell me that I’d made a strong enough basket for by children and he was asking me to push it out and trust Him. He then spoke to me about individual children, as I released them to Him.

It has been an incredibly difficult thing to hear, but God has blessed me even in this, in far more ways than I can give credit to in a newsletter.

I have a peace and a certainty that comes from God speaking so clearly to me over those 5 days away (also confirmed by others I trust) that sustains me. I am secure in His love and plan for me. That said, I am grieving much; my family, my friends, that mission field and culture. KLM has been my heart’s mission for 15 years and while I will continue to support them with admin, support sponsors, engage with video calls from a distance and also go on regular visits once a way is made for me, I am saddened by the change.  

I’m blessed by the love, support and understanding of my family at KLM who have been incredibly releasing and encouraging. Also, by the leadership of TVC Church and my family here in the UK who have walked through this with me.  

God’s plan for my future is God’s and little by little, in the right timing, as I’m ready for it. He has been reminding me of my calling and gifting. I’m fully trusting Him to guide me, but not rushing plans, as I give this season of grief its due attention; rest, heal and begin to dream again with God. I do not have more than that to offer to you right now but I trust that you will understand and forgive me if I’m not the greatest communicator in this overwhelming season of change. I’d be grateful for your prayers and understanding as I navigate the days, weeks and months ahead.  

I was reminded of this verse just this morning “many are the plans in a person’s heart. But it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails” Proverbs 19:21. 

18 Mar 2022

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