We are thrilled to be welcoming special guest Steve Thomas to speak to us at TVC Church this coming Sunday!

So who is Steve?

Steve and his wife Lorraine have been friends with our senior leaders Martin & Lynda for over 40 years. They are also good friends with many of our leadership team.

Steve and Lorraine are based in Oxfordshire. They currently lead the Salt and Light International Team, gathering leaders from each of the families of churches and apostolic spheres in the Salt & Light international family. This involves engaging in leadership encouragement and training on four continents. Just now, they are developing a new European team, as God has been speaking about a fresh thrust of his kingdom into Europe!

What is Salt and Light?

Salt & Light is an international family of churches and leaders, across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. The family has grown into an international affiliation of several different apostolic spheres (regions), joined through the relationship of leaders. TVC Church actually used to be a part of Salt and Light, before we joined together as the Taking Ground network of Churches, here in the North East of England. Our relationship with Steve continues to be strong to this day. We have that shared history and joint passion for God’s work.

We look forward to having Steve with us this Sunday and are excited to hear what God has given him to bring to us!

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