Moses had sent his wife Zipporah to her father with news that they were in the region and to tell him what God had done for them. As Jethro comes to meet him, he brings a fresh perspective on things. Moses had become ‘the main man‘ – the only man! – as far as the Israelites were concerned. He was the one who brought God’s insights and resolved their problems; but their incessant demands had worn him down. Jethro sees that Moses already had ‘capable men’ (Ex 17:21) who could help him – he just hadn’t seen them because of his own blind spots. But he is humble enough and teachable enough to take on board Jethro’s perspectives, bringing peace into the situation for everyone.

We too have blind spots. But will we, like Moses, be humble enough to recognise them and to receive the perspective of others so that we can learn and grow? Remember: “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”