As TVC Church, we believe that God not only wants to listen to us – but he wants to speak too!

It is a regular and usual part of our service that somebody with a prophetic gifting will bring a word from God to us, but how do they hear God? How do they know it is from Him? Well we have set aside a day to open up the opportunity to explore some of these questions together through opening the Bible and seeing what it has to say on prophecy.

On Saturday 4th November, we invite you to join our prophetic workshops. We have 2 on offer, depending on where you are at with this part of your relationship with God and what questions you are ready to discover…

Prophetic 1:01

Would you like to understand what the Bible says about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially prophecy?

Want to hear from God or prophesy for the first time?

Would you like to live a more supernaturally-charged Christian life, expecting God to speak through you, directly into lives and situations?

Hearing from God is meant to be a normal activity for God’s people, so that we can strengthen and encourage each other. This evening will give you a solid Biblical foundation for moving in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and enable you to recognise God’s voice, using teaching, ministry and practical exercises in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

Beginners and those who need a refresher are welcome!

Prophetic 1:01 will run throughout the morning – from 9.30am to 12.30pm

Prophetic 1:02

Ready to take it a bit further? In prophetic 1:02 we will be delving a bit deeper and laying some more foundations, to help you understand:

  • How to weigh prophecy.
  • How to effectively deliver a prophetic word.
  • Character and integrity in ministering prophetically. Some of the most common temptations and pitfalls.

As usual there will be plenty of interaction, so please come with an open heart and a willingness to get stuck-in!

Prophetic 1:02 will run throughout the afternoon – from 1.00pm – 3.30pm

Got Questions? This may help:

I’ve not been a christian long – is this for me?

Absolutely! Book in to prophetic 1:01 (the morning session). We would love to give you some biblical background and journey with you in this.

I’ve never heard God speak before – should I come?

Absolutely! Book in to prophetic 1:01 (the morning session). We would love to give you some biblical background and journey with you in this.

Do you need to do 1:01 before 1:02?

It’s up to you! If you already have a basic understanding of prophecy and know you hear God but are wanting to know a bit more, just jump straight into 1:02. If you’d consider yourself a beginner, sign up for 1:01.

Can I do both?

Yes definitely! Just sign up for both and make sure you bring some lunch with you. There will be a few of us staying all day so we will take a break and eat lunch together.

Who will be teaching the sessions?

The day will be led by Claire Harrison, who is part of our leadership team. You will have seen her leading meetings on a Sunday and she often prophesies to us as a church both up front and behind the scenes. She is also part of the British Isles Council of Prophets. She will be joined for some sessions by Gary Sharples who is one of our Elders and Tony Gray who is a loved and trusted member of our church family with many years of experience in both studying God’s word and hearing from God.