Our new teaching series has now begun!

Each Sunday we gather to worship, pray and be together as a Church family. A really important part of that is opening the scriptures together and discovering God’s direction for us personally and as a community of believers.

As we move into Autumn together, we will hear from different preachers, but they will each be focussing on a different aspect of the passion that is and should be within the household of God.

We asked our Associate Pastor, Matt Horner to tell us a bit more.

He writes…

“As a church, by the grace and favour of God, we continue to grow and expand both in depth and breadth. As we move forward into the autumn season, we are full of faith that God will continue to be with us and help us to reach out to those within our communities, across Teesside and beyond with an Isaiah 61 anointing: bringing good news, freedom, restoration and transformation to peoples lives.

When we gather as a church on Sundays, we are expectant to encounter and hear Gods voice as we dive deep into his word. As we focus on ‘The Passion In God’s Household’, we will be focussing on some key areas that God is passionate about, that we, His Church, need to get hold of.

We will be exploring some key biblical truths that reveal God’s passion to us, which can really empower us, as a church, to make a difference in the 21st century.  

Within this series, we are privileged and blessed to have a number of guest speakers (Becky Murray, Angela Kemm, Steve Thomas, Andy Hawthorne, Terry Virgo) coming to share with us and impart something of the passion God has put within them. They are significant men and women of God, who will impart something bigger from outside ourselves, to lift our faith and vision as a church. We will also continue to hear from various members of our TVC Church leadership team, throughout the series.

When we gather, let’s come with open and hungry hearts, eager to catch hold of God’s passion. Let’s be expectant that as we do this, we will be empowered to go and make a difference, seeing many lives impacted and transformed through the gospel. “