Broken by the plagues that had devastated Egypt, Pharaoh had ordered the Israelites to get out. But then, realizing what he had done in losing his slave labourers, he changed his mind and pursued them with his army. The Israelites were now totally trapped: Pharaoh’s armies behind them and the Red Sea ahead of them – and all because they had done what God said! Moses now had to either admit defeat, surrender and return to Egypt; or put his trust in God who told him to raise his staff and the Sea would part. His faith-filled response saw the Sea parted and the Israelites saved, while Pharoah’s army was drowned. We all hit “Red Seas” at times when we need to see God do something extraordinary to make a way. But God specializes in parting Red Seas. The key is to hear what God had said and to hold on to it.